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12th September 2021, 400 Yards

A perfect spring like morning with a gusty, variable wind to catch the unwary. The competition in F Open was very close with Greg taking first place with Dave, Bruce and Margaret close behind.

In F Standard, Richard had another good day leading Daryl and Joe to take top spot. In Sporter/ Hunter class. Gary had the field to himself and recorded a good score.

Next Sunday 19th September we will be at the 500 yard mound, sign on at 8.30 am for 9.00 amstart. If you require further information about this event please contact Margaret on 4666 1018 for details.


F Open

Greg Wilson 120.4

Dave Taylor 115.5

Bruce McAllan 115.4

Margaret Taylor 115.2

Murray Reck 114.4

Craig Montgomery 91.1

Gavin Harrower 90.2

Charlie Montgomery 75

F Standard

Richard McKillop 116.2

Daryl Reck 112.3

Joe Wood 111.1

Merryn Snelling 107

Nick Kent 92

Sporter/ Hunter

Gary Snelling 104.1

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