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28th August 2022, 600 Yards

A pleasant morning last Sunday saw the Southern Downs members face the familiar gusting winds to contend with.

In the open class it was a very close competition as usual with Craig Montgomery and Greg Wilson scoring evenly but Craig winning by one X point.

In the standard class Geoff Volmerause was the only entrant as was Eddy Woon in the sporter/ hunter class, both enjoying a good morning.

Next Sunday 4th September we will be at the 300 yard mound, sign on at 8.30 am for 9.00 am start.If you require more information regarding our club please contact Margaret on 4666 1018 for details.


F Open

Craig Montgomery 122.11

Greg Wilson 122.10

Richard McKillop 121.6

Dave Taylor 119.7

Bruce McAllan 118.8

Charlie Montgomery 115.3

Margaret Taylor 114.2

F Std

Geoff Volmerhause 112.2


Eddy Woon 94.6

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