5th June 2022, 300 Yards

 A cold, crisp morning last Sunday with light winds provided excellent conditions for the competitors. We had a very good attendance and the competitors took full advantage of the fine weather to produce some outstanding scores.

In the open class Richard showed the way with yet another perfect score closely followed by Mark in second place. In the other classes Geoff and Curtis had successful mornings, each with a win.

Next Sunday 12th June we will be at the 400 yard mound, sign on as usual at 8.30 am for 9.00 am start. If you would like more information regarding these events please contact Margaret on 4666 1018 for details.


F Open

Richard McKillop. 126.14     (again!)

Mark Paroz                    125.15

Tom McGovern            125.13

Craig Montgomery     123.10

Dave Taylor                    123.6

Greg Wilson                   122.9

Kevin Jones                   122.6

Bruce McAllan               121.8

Lachlin McGovern        113.2

Charlie Montgomery  107.4


F Standard

Geoff Vollmerhause     110.2



Curtis Gray                       98.7

Brendan Bunting           96.1

Jeff Ryan                           95.5

Leroy Jones                     93.3

Dave Lopez                       79.5

Abby Hannaford             63.0

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