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6th February 2022, 300 Yards

An excellent turnout considering the weather conditions - an EXTREMELY STRONG AND SWIRLING WIND - caused many headaches! We welcome new shooters, Abby, Jade and Ben and hope to see more of them.

Next Sunday 13th February we will be at 400 yards, sign on at 7.30 am for 8.00 am start. Contact Margaret on 4666 1018 for more information.


F Standard

Richard McKillop 120.4

Charlie Montgomery 100.2

Dave Taylor dnf

F Open

Craig Montgomery 118.3

Bruce McAllan 110.3

Margaret Taylor 107.4


Jamie Squires 88.4

Curtis Gray 78.2

Jade Sheehan 75

Brendan Bunting 68.1

Ben Squires 57.2

Abby Hannaford 52.1

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