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16th July 2023, 500 Yards

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

We had another fine, sunny morning with a good attendance which produced some excellent shooting from the competitors.

In Open class Richard  McKillop won in a close contest with Neil Sexton with Kevin Burse and Margaret Taylor hard on their heels. In Standard class Cookie continued where he left off last week with another victory, Gary Snelling runner up. The popular sporter/ hunter class saw Nick Kent the winner ahead of James Stanoforth  in second place.

Next Sunday 23rd July we will be at the 600 yard mound, sign on at 8.30am for 9.00am start. Contact Margaret for more details if required.


F Standard

Cookie 124.14

Gary Snelling 121.8

Hayden Aspinall 120.3

Jeremy Sum 114.6

Daryl Reck 109.7

Merryn Snelling 109.4

F Open

Richard McKillop 126.14

Neil Sexton 126.14

Kevin Burse 125.13

Margaret Taylor 125.5

Bruce McAllan 121.6

Greg Wilson 119.9

Dave Taylor 113.3


Nick Kent 103.11

James Stanoforth 102.9

Shane Tun 102.4

Adrian Baker 101.10

Ruth Cundell 101.9

Danny Aspinall 94.5

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