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27th August 2023, 609 Yards

A fine morning with some challenging winds for the shooters last Sunday. In the sporter/ hunter class Ian Gaines and Steve Lee had a close battle for first place, both on maximum scores with Ian coming out on top by three X points. The open class was as competitive as usual, Kevin Jones having a successful morning ahead of Richard McKillop in second place. There was bad luck for Kevin Birse and Bruce McAllan in open class, technical problems with the electronic targets leaving their scores unrecorded.

Next Sunday 3rd September we will be at the 300 yard mound, sign on at 8.30am for 9.00am start. Please contact Margaret on 4666 1018 for more information if required.



Ian Gaines 105.14

Steve Lee 105.11

Geoff Volmerhause 102.5

Nick Davies 98.7


F Open

Kevin Jones 123.8

Richard McKillop 122.10

Greg Wilson 122.5

John Cook 119.8

Dave Taylor 117.6

Margaret Taylor 117.5

Daryl Reck 117.4

Dannis Buhmann 93.2

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