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3rd December 2023, 300 Yards

A fine, warm morning greeted the southern downs crew for the first summer shoot of the year. The wind was enough to make life interesting, it reduced the mirage a little. The scores were good again this week with John Cook, Kevin Birse and Bruce McAllan all winning their classes, (Bruce getting a maximum score).

Next Sunday 10th December, we will be at the 400 yard mound, sign on at 7.30am for 8.00am start. Contact Margaret on 4666 1018 for more information.


F Standard

John Cook 123.10

Hayden Aspinall 119.4

Kevin Jones 118.6

Danny Aspinall 104.3


F Open

Kevin Birse 124.16

Margaret Taylor 123.9 

Greg Wilson 122.5



Bruce McAllan 105.11

Richard McKillop 104.15

Hayden Aspinall 102.11

Steve Lee 102.10

Femy Cook 102.8

Ian Gaines 100.6

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