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3rd March 2024, 300 Yards

Cloudy and overcast greeted the shooters but the rain and wind held off helping towards some pretty good scores. Unfortunately a glitch in the computer target scores indicated higher  "X" and "V " numbers than it should have recorded. Good shooting never the less!


A welcome to a few new shooters, hope we see more of them.


F Standard

John Cook 126.18

Femy Cook 126.15

Kevin Jones 118.9

Carl Reid 114.4


F Open

Margaret Taylor 125.10

Warren ? 123.12

Dave Taylor 120.8



Hayden Aspinall (1) 105.21

Geoff Vollmerhause 105.19

Bruce McAllan 105.19

Richard McKillop 105.17

Daryl Reck 104.10

Hayden Aspinall (2) 104.8

James Staniforth 102.11

Sam ? 102.9     )

Angus ? 99.2    ) family from Brisbane

Wayne ? 97.8    )

Spencer Sheward 94.4

Max Hung 92.1

Ben Squire 82.1

Matt Crossgrove 64.2

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