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7th November 2021, 300 Yards

Another cool, overcast Sunday morningsaw the southern downs crew begin their various competition classes. There were some excellent scores recorded in the different categories that were competed in during the morning.

Well done Greg, Dave, Richard and Bob for

their winning scores in their classes.

Next Sunday 14th November we will be at the 400 yard mound, please note we will be signing on at 7.30 am for 8.00 am start. This will be the new start time until February 2022

Please contact Margaret on 4666 1018 if you require details for this event.


F Open

Greg Wilson 125.16

Margaret Taylor 120.7

Bruce McAllan 117.4

Gerry Voitlander 109.1

Craig Montgomery 102.2

Charlie Montgomery 84

F Standard

Dave Taylor 123.5

Greg Wilson 122.9

Bob Tyllyer 116.6


Richard McKillop 105.13

Trevor Jones 99.11

Military rifle

Bob Tyllyer 100.5

Tom Higgins 69

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